My    experience    in    Programming    and    Information    Technology

Operating System: MS-DOS, Windows, Windows NT 4.0

Programming language: Basic, Pascal, C++, Visual Basic, Visaul C++, Java

Database: DBASE III, IV, MsAccess, MS SQL Server 6.5

Information Systems: Systems analysis, Systems design, packages (Exact, iThink)

Chimeddorj Bat-Erdene

I was born 1968 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I'm married and have two daughters. My wife's name is Enkhee. She is a teacher of mathematics of a colledge.

There are my careers: 1986-1991 Mongolian National University, Studied mathematics, 1991-1995 Reseacher at the International Management Institute (Ulaanbaatar), 1995-1997 Programmer, Chief Programmer at the Information Center of NIC Co. Mongolia, 1997 April completed requirements of The Executive Programme in Management at the Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands. Specialization: "Accounting Information Systems".

My works in Programming and Information Systems: - Mongolian OCR software for DOS (Optical Character Recognition) - NIC Co. Company's Accounting Information Systems. Including applications General ledger, Inventory, Payable, Receivable, Cash, Fixed assets, Payroll systems using Microsoft's MSAccess. NIC Co. has 26 barnches overall Mongolia and company's business is purchasing and distributing petroleum. All branches are using my group's applications now. - Mongolian font sotfwares for dot-matrix and laser printers - And many small applications and databases - Wrote issues about Management Information Systems, Computer Technology, Internet and any more related computer - Built models of business (Using theory of Prelimentary investigation, Systems analysis, Systems design and decision support, expert system softwares)

My Snazzy List of Links

My draughts home page!: I like to play in 10x10 square draughts. I'm national master of Mongolia.
Mongolian Draughts Federation's Web Page:
Mongolia Online: Only one ISP in Mongolia.

Bat-Erdene Chimeddorj
Fax: 976-1-327288
Prime Minister Amar Street-20A, NIC Co.
Ulaanbaatar, UB 210620